30 Day Book Challenge – Day 3

3. Your favourite characters and which books they’re from

I have lots of favourite characters from lots of different books, but here are my favourite favourites!

Dig Ryan – Thirty Nothing

My ultimate noveltastic dream man, my book boyfriend, my Number 1 guy on paper!

Dig Ryan is lanky and skinny and has a mop of dark hair.  He’s cool, he admires Phil Daniels, he wears Happy Monday t shirts and works in a record shop.  His favourite film is Quadraphenia, he’s willing to separate his mono-brow for a girl and will write songs for her in his spare time.  He straightens towels, loves to tidy up to James Brown, and he’s very, very funny. Oh, and he despises Robbie Williams – added bonus!

He was wearing a frilly apron, a cap and a daft smile.

In one hand was his precious purple Dyson, in the other a dustpan and at his feet sat a tiny, quivering Yorkshire Terrier.

‘I’ve come about the cleaning position,’ he grinned.  ‘I’ve got excellent credentials and references.  I’ve been voted the cleanest person in NW5.’

I do love Dig Ryan!

Rose Feller – In Her Shoes

Rose is a successful lawyer and gives up her high-flying career to become a dog walker!  She’s far more brave than I’ll ever be and is doing one of my dream jobs!

Rob Fleming – High Fidelity

1. He owns his own record store

2. He supports the underdog

3. He has a vivid imagination

4. He loves music

5. He writes lists

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