A Short Break

MissMelvis is Vacating

Mr Melvis and I are going on our annual holiday tomorrow, a 4 night break at Park Resorts thanks to The Sun £9.50 Holiday promotion.

We go away once a year and take the doggies with us, it’s possibly my favourite time of the year!

So for the next few days I’ll be a bit quiet, although I’ll possibly do a blog post or two and I’ll no doubt be on Twitter from time to time.

You may have noticed I’ve been quiet for a few days already, unfortunately due to work, illness and preparing for the holiday I’ve fell a bit behind – especially with my 30 Day Book Challenge but I will catch up, promise!

The new dog guard is fitted to the car, the clothes are drying on the line, the To Read list is getting shortlisted, the house and cat-sitter is en route and I’m off for a few days of reading and relaxation.

Fingers crossed for sunshine all round!